Speedo needle not sitting on 0mph

Hello all, my name is Lee, I have a GTO SR.

I noticed this recently that the needle doesn’t sit properly. Anyone had this problem before and is it just a case of removing the unit and cover and manually putting the needle back to 0mph?

The needle does seem to work as normal when moving but never goes below that position when ignition is on or off.


Yes turn ignition on so the spindles go to zero and then stick it back on.
I had an issue with my tacho over-reading so I used a datalogger to verify rpm and then stuck the needle on to reflect the rpm shown, beforehand it was showing 1200 rpm when HHH showed 700.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Just to make sure I am doing it correctly. With the plastic cover removed, turn on ignition (but not start the car) and then move the speedo needle to 0 mph. Thanks in advance. (also, what could have been the reason for this too happen I wonder?) thanks.

The point of turning on the ignition is that the needle shafts move to the correct position for 0 RPM / MPH, If you were to place the needle back on with the cluster unpowered (like I did the first time) the speedo and tacho will jump straight to something like 30mph and 3000rpm next time you turn the ignition on, as the gauge motors rest at a position much below 0 when not powered up.
With my cluster installed, and the front clear cover still removed, I turned my ignition to position 2 (engine off electrics on) and then stuck the needle on so that it was pointing at 0.

If I were to guess perhaps a capacitor on a board somewhere within the cluster is failing, those are the only things you can really replace anyway electronics wise afaik.

You can use google maps gps speed to verify that the displayed value is correct, I’d do this beforehand also to see how off the speed is at various speeds.


You can’t move the needle by hand once its pressed back onto the spindle it will just spring back to where it was.

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Thanks for the information. As soon as I get chance, Ill have a pop. Thanks again.

You want the speedo to be accurate at 30mph (or reading 1-2mph higher than actual speed) and not at any other speed or idle.

I would remove the clear plastic cover, refit the gauges loosely in place and find a long, quiet, straight road and at 30mph GPS (using Google maps or similar) carefully press your needle back on. It may take a few attempts as the pin the needle sits on may move as you press it on, but do keep trying until the speedo is deadly accurate at 30mph.

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Thanks for the info. Will definitely try that too. cheers

If this issue of the speedo not sitting at Zero is a recent change and your Dash cluster has a converter fitted to change the KPH input from the gearbox sender to MPH, It could be a component in that converter, unless of course its always been as your photo and you just haven’t noticed, although I would think that unlikely.

I am not a fan of the converter PCB’s to get the speedo to read in MPH as it is possible to convert a KPH speedo to read MPH by removal and alteration of components on the factory PCB on the back of the speedo, it is also possible to convert the Odometer to Miles from Kilometres although when I did mine I left the odometer reading in Kilometres to keep the milage original.

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Hi, thanks for the response. It’s always been fine for the last 10 years plus. only the other week I noticed it. I think it used a converter - or at least I always thought it had. its always been 5mph off - which has never bothered me. I will take it apart this weekend and see what’s going on. thanks