Spark plug change intake removal

Hi Joe a great video to do would be the spark plug change including removal of intake and throttle body to access the rear plugs​:+1: Cheers Craig 1990 GTO Perth Western Australia :australia:

Hi Craig
You really have to try harder. This video was already requested by Lee Jones although I must admit that sunny Oz seems far more tempting.
Keep trying buddy.

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@CraigMarple Third time lucky they say Craig :grinning:

Hi Craig,

I just did mine, its really quite simple, take off the throttle body cable, and its a few bolts, just be careful not to allow anything to fall into the intake manifold. cover it with a rag or masking tape.

there is a youtube video someone has done, which would give you an idea.

I just did mine today and painted the plenum and heat shield. The principle is easy, pop the plenum off, pop out the plugs and replace… but boy oh boy… it’s a lot more demanding than I thought it would be… on my Kia, I change the 4 plugs in like 10 minutes… on my 3000 GT… it took me all day to change the 3 in the back :joy: !!! To get to the spark plugs, you have to remove the plenum, there are sooooo many bolts and screws. 1st, remove that air box on the left. Also remove some sensors on the left side of the plenum, I’m not sure what they do. 2nd, remove the Map sensor on the back left of the plenum. 3rd, the time consuming part, remove the vacuum hoses on the back of the plenum and the throttle body… they are on soooo tight :joy: you don’t want to break them so you go slowly and wiggle and wiggle it takes forever!!! Then while you have it off might as well clean the throttle body. There are exhaust return hoses in the back, brake vacuum hose, And some square electrical thing that has this ground wire on the back too. Be very careful not to break that wire or to lose a screw or bolt back there. Have a flashlight and a magnet on a stick… I spent a long time searching for bolts I dropped back there. The space is so tight. Back by that electrical box has a hidden bolt that locks the plenum down. Then on the right you have to remove the distributor to get to and release the ignition control module. Once you have all those accessories off, you can remove the plenum. You’ll need 13/16 inch spark plug tool. My Kia needed 5/8 inch but the stock spark plugs have bigger nuts. I had to run to the store over and over to get new tools… that was annoying. You’ll need various ratchet extensions too… again, there’s a very limited amount of space back there. The middle plug was the hardest to get off because no straight extension fit!!! Short too short, long too long… The heat shield is in the way!!! I used a bendable extension. Again, I had to run to the store so many times :joy: you’ll need 8mm socket, 10mm, 12 mm for all the various parts you need to remove. Now I know why the mechanics charge so much :joy: I’m so tired… make sure you take a picture of your engine before you begin!!! When putting it back together I couldn’t remember what went where. A picture would have come in very handy. And label everything, note which wire goes to which port and note how many bolts go to each part or you’ll have extra bolts that don’t seem to fit anywhere LOL!!! Best of luck dude. It was a fun experience. Changing the transmission fluid was fun too :joy: did that yesterday. my 1999 has the out bolt in a different location than 91-98 and it’s a 24mm nut. I had to go to the store For one part, sigh… and in America they sell fluid in quarts instead of Litres. What a stupid system America uses… I read 2liters in the book and remembered 2 when I bought two 1 quart bottles… Don’t make that mistake, quarts are slightly smaller than litres so I had to go back to the store for a third bottle to get 0.2 more liters to fill up the fluid… so annoying having to run back and forth. and this fluid stinks…Go recycle it ASAP! Don’t let it sit in your car. But it was fun working on the car :joy: good luck on your spark plugs :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Yeah, those are :rage: pain to change at the rear part of engine… If you found that stressing, then you should try changing the bushings on the rear sway bar… That is a proper nightmare, or it was atleast for me :rage:

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Hi -Mike From USA,
I too would love a video on the intake manifold removal and replacement, that would be great if you have the time. I am trying to build courage to just remove my valve cover. Thanks Joe

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A video for that is coming soon, check the competition thread.