Sorry to see a member go

Dear all
I am sorry to say that the administrators of this site have seen fit to remove smilegto (Luke) from this forum. Since his very first comment, he has been hell bent on causing problems with other members. He has been warned a number of times and was suspended once so he had fair warning. That is not what this forum is about. I set out to have a forum where fans of this car could get along and help each other regardless of the country, club or forum that you subscribe to.
I am well aware that he is a loyal member of the GTOOC and he was invited to promote that forum on this site but he chose instead to try to wreck the friendly forum that I set out to create.
I am well aware that some of you will be glad to see him gone but I would have preferred for him to be a better person than he was.
In addition to the problems on this forum, he has also started to cause problems for me on the GTOOC forum and my youtube channel. I have heard that some of you have tried to defend me on the GTOOC and I hope that you will continue to do so as I am not a member and can’t defend myself. Your support is very much appreciated and noted.
Everyone is welcome here and I very much hope that this is the last time we have to remove a member.
Best Regards


Pleased with this as he warranted closing site ( for you and family). There should be no competition except on the track, as keeping the pride and joys we all have is far too important.
Too be blunt the only four people in the world I would go to with my pair are Evil Rob , Graham Roberts , you and Shearmurs my local garage in Weston Super Mare.
I do however read what everyone else on the sites talk about as every bit of info is useful.


I’m sorry we have lost a member, but to be fair, he didn’t bring anything to this forum except insults and conflict. He seemed to be here purely for his own twisted entertainment. No one needs this, we are all just trying to help one another to keep these awesome cars on the road. Good riddance to unnecessary bad attitude.


When someone causes the problems you mention to me it represents a jealously that is immature. I am a member to several Facebook groups and in done there is a huge bit of immature immature comments. One in particular I read suggestion to the administrator to remove individuals for lack of ordinary decorum. Unfortunately instead nothing happened. This led to fewer posts asking for advice. It is my opinion some owners are very young. Your work is by far the most pleased to me.


Its great shame that anyone should be removed but offensive comments are totally unnecessary and it is possible to voice a opinion without doing so being polite costs nothing

Personally I can not see the point in deliberately setting out to offend people on a Forum, I am assuming as this individual is a member of GTOOC that someone knows what his user name is on there ? it would be helpful to know.

I was suspicious of his early posts as the red Gen3 car he posted as his, was definitely the car Dave Perkins on GTOUK bought did a great deal of work on repainted metallic red and put the “P31GTO” registration on, that car came from near Leicester.


Yes it’s a shame especially using another’s work as his own. I do know one day I’ll go from my base to a VR4. I have my eye one one a lady has that gas been sitting maybe she’ll let me take a look at it and maybe let it go. Who knows.
Joe do not let the jealous get to you and your work. They aren’t worth it


Horrid comments wasn’t expecting this when I came here, who does he think he is like he knows me at all!
Anyway hopefully its an end to him and we can all get on with helping each other on this site @Joe90 set up for everyone.

Hoping that the club may arrange some meets at some point so I can get to meet joe and some others for advice.