Sorry been away for a bit kinda had a baby

As the title says i haven’t been online or working on the car as my first child made an appearance last Wednesday, both mum and baby are doing well.

Anyway the reason for my post, been thinking of jobs i can do at home as i need to be around to help her, has anyone stripped the snake eyes and replaced the broken lense with perspex? thinking of doing LED conversion and replacing the cracked lense? wondering what it looks like if its been done

thanks in advance


Congratulations on the new addition.
A baby can bring so much joy but the car is an equal second option when you need a break :joy:
Many people on here have fitted the new lenses so I’m sure you will have a reply soon.


Hi risingsunracer, Yes I did a conversion to LED only recently. I bought the LED kit on line (i’ll dig out the link and post for you) And bought a brand new set of lenses from Joe’s Gems.

Joe has a video on line on how to replace the lenses step by step. I used a heat gun and welding gloves instead of the oven to separate the old lens from the housing and that worked for me. Best of luck with it.

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oh you can get new lenses? i was going to try perspex, ive separated many lights before and i think ive found the led’s i want, might still try the perspex but i’ll defiantly look at those new lenses cheers for the reply

To be honest mate, If it was me, I wouldn’t bother going through the hassle of perspex, i’d just buy the lenses and have it done in a day. That’s all it takes and you’re done. But be really careful separating the old lens from housing, try not to damage it. Watch Joe’s video first.
There’s two, one on replacing the lenses and one on modifying to LED.
Congrats on the new Baby by the way.