Some sales brochures

Hi people, i wonder if any of you had some scanned sales brochures that could share with me, there are a lot on some websites but they are just impossible to read unless you pay like 20USD for each scanned one hahaha
I’ll leave here the ones i’ve found in case someone would like to read them


3000GT 1994(USA)
1994-Mitsubishi-3000GT.pdf (15.1 MB)

3000GT 1994(Australia)
Mitsubishi-3000-GT-1994-AU.pdf (2.5 MB)

3000GT 1999 Germany (I didn’t know that in Germany the 1999 models did not have the redesign until i saw this brochure)
Mitsubishi-3000-GT-1999-GER.pdf (3.1 MB)

1993 3000GT Netherlands
Mitsubishi-3000-GT-1993-NL.pdf (7.8 MB)

1995 3000GT Spyder (USA)
1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder Brochure.pdf (672.0 KB)

1993 Diamond TelM92 Cellular Phone(USA)
DiamondTel Model 92 Brochure.pdf (3.4 MB)

I also have a 1993 3000GT (USA) brochure but can’t upload it here because the limit for the files is 90MB but the pdf is only 40MB so i don’t know what is happening


I have loads! I have trouble uploading images on here for some reason though but will try again when I get chance.

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Hi Lee, hope you’re doing well

I would be very grateful if you upload them when you get the chance, i’ve been searching this things through all kinds of websites. You can also use google drive and post the link if you have problems uploading it

Hello, below is a link. Its probably not quite what you are looking for - it contains some brochure scans and magazine scans I have. I have so many more brochures (MK1 / 2 / 3 and 4 GTO and UK/USA/German/Austrailan 3000gt) to scan so I will post them up when I can.



Wow, great uploads! Thanks for posting these Ian_512 and Leegto!

Ian_512, could you try uploading the 1993 3000GT USA pdf again? I’d really like to take a look at that one too :slight_smile:

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This is so cool Lee thank you very much and don’t worry take your time and thanks again hahaha

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Hi Dan, thanks
I’ve tried uploading it to mega i’ve never done that hahaha so tell me if you can download the file from this link


Thanks Ian! Downloaded the file and it looks great! This one was extra special to me because it’s the same model/year of my VR4 :nerd_face:

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Nice, i’m glad to help you Dan