Snake eyes wanted

Has per title is there any snake eyes available at present I m trying to contact joe90 to see availability

I hope to have some more in a couple of weeks. Sorry for the delay but I have been a little pre occupied recently.

First off thank you Joe for all your hard work in the platform, secondly hope your on the up and up and feeling better! Best wishes on getting better!

Joe, if you happen to get more lenses where would be the best way to see you have them available? Do you have a type of list or first come first serve? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks again

Hi Aaron
Thank you for your wishes. I will be updating everyone regarding my illness and treatment at the end of next week.
When new stock of snake eyes arrive, they will be updated in the Joes Gems section. They are on a first come first served apart from patrons who can reserve parts.
Please check in weekly for updates.