Snake Eyes. 1992 Stealth R/T TT

Recently inspired to instal Snake Eyes on my car. Here is a few pics.

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The clear plastic couldn’t be removed without damaging it. Therefor had to custom make a new one.

They look good. Many people outside of the States are not familiar with the stealth. Can you post a picture with the lights on the car before you started the job and again with the new lights fitted and turned on please.

No problem Joe. Didn’t have time to complete the project on the weekend and extremely busy at work. The Stealth never came with Snake Lights. It’s just two clear lenses and the head lights shines through when you flash your brights, and they don’t stay on sadly. I’ve seen someone jump two wires to activate the head lights when they are flipped down. I’m not messing with wire jumping, don’t want to blow up something.

Do not connect the wires this way. They will be in revers. Green with White line is your Live, Green with Silver dots is your signal and Black Ground. Learned the hard way. Luckly My connectors has removable pins for swapping.

Job Complete.

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