Snake Eye Lenses -- Thank you Joe!

Snake Eye Lenses. Several weeks ago, I acquired a pair of Joe’s Gem Snake Eye Lenses. It was below freezing here this morning. I was going to work in my barn to start installing my transaxle, rebuilt by Rvenge Performance, for my 1992 3000GT VR4. It was too cold. So I worked inside on snake eye lenses replacements. Please see the below photo for the old lenses and completed snake eye lenses pursuant to Joe’s Snake Eye restoration video These restored lenses are super! Thanks Joe!


Do you have a contact for joe90 as I’m trying to PM him and cannot find the private message button anywhere maybe a phone or WhatsApp I’m looking to purchase some snake eyes! thank you

Brand, Joe is in Ukraine. See this copy of his post, posted three days ago.

“only got to see the sad and desperate faces of children, women and elderly. The few men and soldiers that I spoke to were worn down but full of determination and optimistic.
Please feel free to read our Facebook page. A link is at the beginning of this post. You do not have to be a Facebook member to view it.
I am hoping to return in a few weeks.”