Snake eye LED DRL

Finally wired in my new DRL LED’s think they look awesome just need some lenses sourcing


Do You have a link to the product ? Thanks

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Just off Amazon
UNHO 6pcs Car Daytime Running…


Those actually look really good :+1:

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Any pics of how you installed in the lenses?

Looks like it is shining through the reflector, nice touch

Hows it wired? Id like to use an oem connector so it can join the loom

It wasn’t very technical just apoxy the led strip to the reflector, then cut the connector of a broken set of snake eyes I had

Would the light shine through from behond the reflector? Would look cleaner, stealthy

yeah i had a broken pair off my donor car so soldered on the oem connectors, my only issue now is i need a way to dim them when the headlights are on as theyre so bright