Smoke sprayed rear glass

Hi guys so previous owner sprayed the rear glass with what I think is that tinting spray for headlights ect, it looks terrible and can’t see out my back window!

What’s best way to remove it? It’s sprayed on the inside so over all the heating elements/strips I had a abit of a go and so far acidtone don’t think that’s spelt right haha seems to slowly get it off. Will this damage my heating elements going across the glass? They don’t seem to be doing any damage to them


Hey there, Acetone will take the paint off eventually but is also corrosive to metal if left on, It could damage your heating elements and It will also remove car paint so use very carefully, I would tape off the surrounding frame paint work just to be safe and work on a very small area at a time.
After you have removed all of the tinting spray, wash thoroughly with hot soapy water. Have you tried White Spirits ? Dap some on an area and leave for a minute or two before rubbing with a soft cloth, This may give better results but again wash thoroughly. Hope this helps,

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Yeah as Pken said I’d try something mild to start with ,maybe even meths is worth a go. I think evil empire sell spray to remove it but don’t know the effect on Defrost elements .

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Nice one cheers guys, will give evil empire a try aswell then

i spray a lot of stuff, (i like to make models) and this stuff i found to be great in removing over sprays etc… Put some on a rag and give it a try, halfrauds sells them quite cheap

Barrettine Cellulose Thinner