Side skirt install

I need basically all the clips/fasteners/bolts for my passengers side skirt (under the door trim) literally everything broke on the way out and the one from the junkyard only has a few of the normal black/grey body clips. Can I find all the part numbers in the service manual maybe?


This should be what you are looking for. Some of it looks obsolete.

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Mitsubishi still sell all these parts as I got them myself when I had mine installed just phone your dealer and give them part numbers

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Thank you both so much I didnt imagine Mitsubishi would still have these parts but they did. It end up costing me 73 bucks because I was not sure exactly what was what and ordered some pieces I didnt need but my skirt is successfully installed and every clip is properly in place. The row of bolts along the bottom is another story, only 2 of the 6 went back in the others broke or stripped out : (

Thanks again,