Shifter Linkage Bushings

With the GTO being renound for its sloppy and less precise gear changes, and the fact rubber doesn’t age well, I’m considering reterfying this issue whilst I’m addressing my interior gaiters.

After some reading I’ve noticed there are various options to correct the linkage bushings.

OEM, Brass, Poly, Delrin… All new technology since the car was born with obvious advantages.

I’ve read successful and unsuccessful installs using Brass which seems to be the most common option for the linkages in the engine bay.

Can anyone provide insight on any installs and experiences using these aftermarket kits.

I want to restore my car to original spec, with any sort of hidden improvements if possible without overall affecting the oem feel. Are these kits more for hard-wearing track racing? Harder gear changes? Any insight is welcomed. I’d like a precise modern feel yet keeping an easy oem gear change.

I fitted the Brass based conversion kit from Rob at Evil and think I paid about £30 ish for it ( all bushs,washer etc ) My 6 speed a lot more precise now. My mechanic did it when we did a full fluid service but just look at exploded view in workshop manual everything easy to get at if you have time to do it yourself. My TT is not raced or hammered so cant comment on that side of this upgrade

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rob does a bearing one which i fitted and that works really well…and the bush kit made a hell of a difference

Sounds perhaps that’s the best route to go down, just don’t want any hard shifting or a race feel but just a more modern precise shifting and will last. Paddy