Shift knob leather

Its been so humid here in new jersey and had been raining non stop because of that tropical storm that the leather on my shift knob basically melted. Got quite a kick out of seeing this. Luckily I have a spare one.

if I wasn’t lazy today Id search google to find one but instead Ill just ask you where u got your spare?

Im not sure, my mom bought it for me a few years back. I believe 3sx sells them still though.

Mitsubishi still sell them. I just bought a pile of them in case they discontinue them.


Hi Joe, do you know if OEM manual transmission shift boots are still available? Many aftermarket leather ones just look a bit heavy and clumsy.

I recently tried to get right hand drive ones and was told they are no longer available, Don’t know about left hand drive though.
I agree about the replacements. I am looking into the fabric.

If you do manage to find a suitable OEM type fabric/vinyl and go down the line of getting some made, I would be in for 2 (NZ is right hand drive).
The snake eye lenses arrived safely today, thanks for the careful wrapping and packaging. They look fantastic and can’t wait to rebuild them.

i got mine refurbished a while back - cost me £45. its really nice!


looks good and a good price I think. I think When I put my new shift knob on I may send mine out to have it redone, Id like to have the steering wheel redone as well because the leather on that is starting to go as well.

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The leather cover of my shift knob also fell apart, but I’m glad that it did. I cleaned off what was left of it and I found that under it was a smaller knob with the shift pattern also. I like the smaller knob better because it fits into my hand better and I don’t have small hands. So clean off what’s left of the leather and the double sided tape that was holding it to the smaller knob and you may also like it.

Interesting I never knew that I may try that.

That’s crazy if that was a standard item too!

It was the original factory knob. I’ve had the care since new. 1993 3000GT NA, manual transmission, double overhead cam.

mine is the original factory one as well. So after I clean it off it will look like yours in the pic? with the numbers too?

I would think so. I believe I used GooGone to clean off all the crud. I did this about three years ago.

Yup. I’ve got one thats done the same and it’s just a standard knob under the crappy ‘leather’.

Ninja Performance sell the gray shift knobs. see the link Mitsubishi OEM 3000GT Stealth 5 Spd Gearshift Knob Dark Grey (MR166531) - Ninja Performance -

I saw that but I have the true black dash so I figured the gray would look odd.

They have black OEM too.

I bought a 5 speed gray.

5 speed Black

6 speed Black

Yeah I saw, I have a spare one my mom bought from me a while back though so its all good. I might actually buy a few more now that I think of it. The humidity can really destroy the leather on the steering wheel/shift knob.