Sheared bolts. Bracket help

Hello all my name is: Shaun
I have a: 3000GT
It has the following issue:
Heard a TING sound this morning doing 30.
Got out found a bolt on the floor. It was hot so gathered it was mine.
Long story short. Found the issue. 2 bolts that mount the cross member to the block have sheared off. No joy in getting anyone to help. Have access to lift and welder so tomorrow going to try and weld a nut on and undo them.
If all goes to plan and we don’t snap the block.
Can anyone help me with how the brackets should go back ( 3 in total )
And any particular torque specs as I think the last owner / garage overtightened them and sheared them off. Not a happy bunny.
Pictures attached for all to see the pain I’m in.
Thank you.

I can figure out one of the brackets.
Cross member to block. But do the others all just overlap on top of each other? A diagram would be lovely!

These were literally resting on the rear cross member. Must have been like it a while only had the car 3 weeks!

Just floating there. :rage:

Does this help?


Absolute star! Thank you so much Joe!
We just got one bolt out. Trying for the second.

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Thanks again Joe.
We sorted this all out on Friday spent the rest of the day yesterday tidying it up and then today it deserved a clean!

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