Sharing the Restoration to my 3000GT

After watching so many videos on YouTube abt restoration of the 90s JDM and I always wanted to restore and rebuilt one.

After 2 years of searching in my country, I manage to find a decent 3000GT twin turbo manual for $60k SGD. No I did not type wrongly, I paid $60,000 Singapore dollars (about USD$43,000) for the 3000GT I bought 2 weeks ago. Cars are very expensive over my side.

Ever since I collected the car 2 weeks ago, I’ve been following Joe’s video and watching almost every video I can find to aid my restoration. Some of the pictures on the restoration process. I bet I’m gonna take about 12mths at least to finish up this restoration

Credit to Joe for his video, I manage to remove the center dash vents and climate control unit.

This is the first time I am using this forum and I try loading some pictures for you guys. I really do not know if it will work.


After taking out the climate control and the center dash vent, I started to repair all the damage mounting tabs and the aircon vent.

I use cyanoacrylate adhesive and cotton wool for the repair of the tabs and some Tamiya 4WD parts for the aircon vent

The shift boot and shift knob is totally gone for mine. So I sew a new shift boot and ordered a New knob.

And of cos since the instrument cluster is out, I just wanna brighten up the cluster a fair bit. So i wires in some white LED and my own customise needle glow kit.

I realise the dash vents underneath the windscreen is broken and after watching joe’s video on the removing of dashboard, I decided to give it a go.

Just as I follow the video in removing the lower dash underneath the steering wheel, I notice a big brunch of wires stuffed underneath the carpet. And I know I need to address to them first.

The car comes with a spoilt blitz temp meter and a turbo timer which I wanted to remove so lots of wirings are coming out.

And when I am removing panels, I saw a really retro ecu.

After hours of removing unwanted wires, I had removed a satisfying pile of unwanted wiree.

All is not over. There are still a lot of wires to be remove at the rear of the car. That will be tmr’s job.


Wow… that was an expensive beater car man :joy:. For that much money, I would demand it to be in pristine shape :joy:. But I happy for you. Have a great time fixing it up! I’ve been having a blast doing regular maintenance and driving it around. I’ve never had so many compliments and head turns for driving a car in my life. It’s wonderful!

Hi Goldwolf, $60k for this car is considered cheap over here. An RX7 fd3s is costing Sgd 150,000 and a R34 GTR can cost Sgd 350,000.

Been enjoying the restoration

Ok. Today I successfully remove all useless and excessive wiring inside my 3000gt. Now the whole car is back to original wiring.

Now which clever Mechanic thinks that mounting the rear camera on the third brake light is cool.


Unique engineering :grin:

I don’t know wether to laugh at the idiots who did this or cry over the things that have been done to that poor car. Good to see you are putting it back to how it should be. Well done.

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