Seat Belt Holder

Good morning from USA. I have a 1992 Dodge Stealth ES. I’m trying to figure out if there’s any way to remove/repair/ reinstall the seat belt holders that are on the seat tops by the headrests.

My driver’s side has come out completely. Looks like a metal rod with the plastic bit on top. It all came out in one piece.

The passenger side however, seems to have disconnected from the metal rod and come off. So the metal rod is still in the seat, and plastic topper has come off.

Any information on how to remove the metal rod from the passenger side to reattach the plastic bit and then reinstall both sides would be great. Thank you!!

This part is not common to all models. Only my North American model has it and I have never had this problem. I will try to find out for you if no one else has any ideas.

If I can figure out how to remove the metal stud on the passenger seat I’d just take it off but I can’t seem to determine the method on getting it out by looking at the shape of the driver’s side stud.

There has to be some sort of locking pin/latch going through it… It cannot be secure just by sticking it down the seatback

The rod itself is solid, it just has some different shapes at the middle. Almost like a twist maneuver.