(San Francisco bay area) Lightweight flywheel and performance clutch

I purchased this flywheel from summitracing.com and used it for around 30,000 miles. It was my intention not to use my 91 gto as a daily driver, but since i installed it, I’ve gotten married and moved into a town house that has a terrible HOA that won’t allow me to park my truck outside my garage, and it won’t fit in my garage. I have been parking my truck at my shop and commuting to my shop with the gto. I’m sad that it’s become a daily driver, but am thrilled that i am driving it more often. I replaced the clutch again and decided to go back to the stock setup. I’ve resurfaced it already so it’s ready to install. I’m asking $400 for both church and flywheel or best offer, I’d like to sell it quick to free up space in the shop, I’m putting together a 1978 firebird trans am (also available for purchase if your interested [$12,500 obo], askfor details in p.m.), so space is esencial.