Sail panel trim color

Hi there. My name is Hr贸lfur (from Iceland) I am restoring a 1993 vr4. Does anybody know the color code for the (grey) trim on the sail panel. I have new window strip and trying to get it right :slight_smile: And Mr Joe Thank you thank you thank you :slight_smile: What you are doing for us is priceless. Greetings to you all Hr贸lfur


Hello Hrolfur
Welcome to the forum. I would love to find this out myself but no one seems to want to give up the information. Even a laser paint match does not seem perfect so I colour match by eye VW base colour and adding 25% white tint. It comes out about 99% match. The other problem is that the cars are old so even a factory paint code may not match the colour on the car so you will have to spray the whole grey section in which case 99% will appear perfect.

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The passion for these cars is unique and the 3k experience has each of us wanting to learn more. I hope you find every answer you鈥檒l need. I might be considered new to the scene but my car keeps getting better as I go. Send some pictures I鈥檇 love to see your progress.

I have now spent a lot of time and money on this subject. I have also been working with a paint supplier to get this right. We have now colour matched the paint but I can鈥檛 share the information because it is not under any paint code that they have listed. If there are enough interested parties, I will have the paint put into 400ml spray cans for sale. This volume is enough to do the entire back grey trim. Please remember that these cars are very old and the original paint would have faded. Part of the problem was finding a near perfect sample to copy from. I also discovered that different batches of cars were slightly different shades so I would recommend doing the whole trim at once for best results. I was also thinking of having a second mix made with a plasticizer added for the rear registration plate area.
I have been asking about this paint for years and even the mitsubishi repair shops could not help so I think this is a first.
Is anyone interested?

It wouldn鈥檛 break the bank, why not !

What would be a good paint for the wheel wheels after removing the tires

Depends on what wheels you have on the car. Are they magnesium alloy, aluminium or steel?
It also depends on how much your budget is and if you want to do the job yourself.
Finally, how good do you want the final result and how long do you want it to last?
You can have powder coating, specially made wheel paints or just cheap acrylic paint with etch primer, but you have to use the right stuff for the material that the wheel is made from.

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I haven鈥檛 yet researched the area for powder coating. I think that would be best

Hello mr Joe. I am very interested in the grey paint. Can you ship to Iceland ?? and do you have other parts for sale ?? inner tierods, window regulator and the bolts that hold the sideskirts and other panels. And thank you again for your videos. A lot of cars will be saved because of YOU :slight_smile:
Cheers Hr贸lfur

I will need to check up about the shipping to iceland. There are restrictions on shipping paint. I will have window regulators in about 2 weeks.I don鈥檛 stock the panel screws for resale because they are available from mitsubishi dealers and quite expensive. I will get back to you in a few days.

Hr贸lfur there is an alternative as shipping paint often can be a lot of restrictions on鈥 If you contact a transport firm in Iceland and get them to pick it up at an adress that Joe designates, then you should be able to get it to Iceland with Eimskip