Rusted Front Bumper Brackets

Took my headlights out today to do some restoration and noticed in horror, rusted front bumper brackets and screws. Can anyone help with the removal of the rusted bolts because I know me trying to remove them will result in them snapping. What process should I take to remove and restore this unfortunate happening.

Many thanks in advance


The only way to get these bolts out is to drill them I’m afraid !

Oooh dear… There is some really bad rust there :see_no_evil:

I was afraid of that. There is no way of avoiding that.

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I hope the headlight buckets are not affected and it’s just the brackets that are. if so I definitely will have to replace both the brackets and the headlight buckets.

Some may come loose with lots of penetrating oil and special good grip sockets ( take Your time these bolts don’t like heat :grinning:) but most of these will snap !


Spiros is right. Soak overnight with penetrating fluid or soak them over a few days if possible then go really easy. I have had great success using an impacter on these and was able to save most of the bolts.

Thanks for the advise, will go ahead and take that route. Fingers crossed :laughing: