Rubber clutch line

Does anyone have or know where to find the rubber line between the clutch master and slave cylinders? I believe the part number is MR151527.

Mine’s perished and I can’t seem to find one for sale.

Is this it?


Yeah, genuinely no idea how I overlooked that thanks so much

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If you want to save some money. Ths is standard hose and fittings. You should be able to go to a local motor factor’s and they will make one for you while you wait.


buy a braided one .much better

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Replace with a goodridge braided hose, measure the length and you want two female brake fittings on both ends (if you want to keep all the stock clutch damper system)

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Might look into the other options then, amayama refunded me saying they aren’t in stock.

Out of interest does anyone know if it’s possible to just run a line straight to the slave cylinder?