RPM wont go past 2000

Hello i would really appreciate some help. The RPM guage does not go past 2000. I have a 1992 N/A Automatic GTO. Although the RPM hits only 2000ish it seems the car is actually hitting the red line when revving. I Dont seem to have any loss of power and can go over 70mph etc. Is this normal for an Auto GTO?


Very likely that the capacitors on the tachometer have gone bad. Easy fix if you are comfortable with taking the gauge cluster out, opening it up, and soldering.

It’s two 10 uF 25V capacitors. They can be replaced without removing the gauge face/needle/etc.


My previous picture was after replacing the capacitors. Here’s what the original capacitors look like:


Perfect, thank you. I will give this a try. I have taken the cluster out before which is simple but i am terrible at soldering. I will take it to someone who could solder it for me.

Thank you

This would be the same if mine doesn’t go past 5k?

Possibly. Can’t guarantee it. If your engine literally won’t exceed 5k, then you have a different problem. If your engine is working normally, but your tachometer is displaying consistent incorrect lower values, then there’s two likely causes:

  1. Capacitors on the tachometer.
  2. Bad PTU.

Capacitors are cheap, so if you or someone you know can solder, you may as well replace the capacitors before considering the PTU.

Super Helpful, been looking in the engine bay for the problem. have the same exact issue. GTO from Japan