Request How-to video, Seat belt retraction repair

My VR4’s seatbelts retract sometimes and then don’t at other time.

Also I asked Joe on the youtube channel about how to on Camshaft installation w/ proper timing set up on milled heads with the engine and heads in the engine bay.

And possibly how to change the subframe bushings.

Hello Geoorge
Welcome to the forum. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting your questions in the correct section of the forum. Each category has a description which outlines its purpose. By using the correct category, you can see if someone else has asked the same thing and also people will look in that place for help. You have posted in the area which has been assigned for advertising a repair service. If you are looking for help with a problem, you can ask in the trouble shooting section. This is where your seat belt question should be. If you want a video on cam shaft replacement, you can ask in the section called request a video. If you go to the category called request a video, you will see that someone has already requested a video on subframe bushing replacement so it would have saved you requesting it again. Thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to contact me if you need any help with navigation of the site.