Replacing the Oval Side Marker Lights


Hey guys,

Do you I have to remove the side skirts to replace these lights? If that is the case Ill follow Joe’s excellent video on the topic. Just wondering if that is the only way to do it properly. Looking forward to getting the new shiny ones in!


No need to remove the side skirts. I will get back to you tomorrow with detailed instructions if no one else replies in the mean time.

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Hi , when I changed my mk2 ones they just pop out if you have a little trim tool to lever them out at one end. Not sure if mk2 is the same though.

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Awesome. I do have some trim tools handy. Magnetic too! Haha xD Thanks!

Push the lens firmly towards the front of the car and lift the back of lens out.


Thank you Joe. My new ones should be coming in the mail soon. Ill update with a picture once I get it done! Its nice to have confidence in knowing how to get the job done!

Beautiful… I had to get the generic 93’ Celica when I was a kid because I couldn’t afford that car… :joy: I grew to love it but the 3000GT is the original, the brand name :grin:. I love the pop up head lights. Such a classic look.