Replacing oem centre gauges with aftermarket

Hey guys

On a scale of 1-10 how difficult/time consuming is it to replace the gauges for aftermarket ones

Any tips

Hi, to remove the gauges requires the dash to come out which is not a terrible job , I’d have replacement dash vents at hand and do them also. With the dash out it would be simple to fit aftermarket gauges even if you have to make up new mountings/brackets. I don’t know if they will work with the original sensors so you may have to replace temp , oil and boost sensors.
Not a difficult job but time consuming, I’d allow a day for the job and a second pair of hands when removing the dash.

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I have just had my dashboard out, and it was actually much easier then expected, especially when I did it following Joe´s video on how to do it


You can get the aftermarket gauge holder to attach to the pillar, if you looking for more detailed gauges. Saves from pulling the fing dash ;-)))