Replacement rubber bush for side engine support bracket (MB892448)

Hello all my name is: Nick Emmony
I have a: 1992 JDM GTO.
It has the following issue: I’m following Joe’s videos on cam belt replacement and have just removed the side engine support bracket. I notice that the rubber has started to crack a little and assume that now would be a good time to replace the insert. However, I’ve not been able to find any compatible inserts online. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Surely you don’t have to replace the whole bracket, do you? Part number for the bracket is MB892448. I look forward to hearing some good news!


You can order that part and many others from amayama… That specefic part is listed here:

Hi, as far as I’m aware you have to buy the whole unit but I may be wrong. Mine has a tiny crack too but hasn’t got any worse in 6 years of ownership.

As far as i know to its the whole part, can’t see how an insert would work taking one out and trying to get another piece of rubber in.