Replacement ECU

Hi. I was hoping for some advice from someone who has replaced their ECU and has first hand knowledge of the options out there.

I have been told I need a new ECU for my Jdm spec 1991 GTO Twin Turbo.

Without going down the rabbit hole of faults please humor me that this is in fact my issue.

I am trying to figure what my options are. This will be my third failed ECU although both the previous two replacements have been second hand units so I can’t vouch as to their quality. They both worked well for months~year

So, do I …

A: send what I have off the ECU-Doctors or some such place and get a rebuild. (£?)

B:buy another used (working) unit (£?)

C:Get one of the updated (expensive) Jester/Link type units. I’m not interested in modifying the car or performance settings so the most straightforward basic plug and play replacement would be my preferred option. (£?)

Cost is a factor so the more expensive the option the longer I’ll have to wait before I’m in a position to proceed. I really want something reliable, whatever about other issues with the car I want to put ECU drama behind me.

Thanks for reading,

Ross (Ireland)

Hi Ross
I believe that your first question was for people to confirm that the ecu is your problem but you did not say what the problem is.
Buying second hand units is a waste of money unless it has been serviced because you will have the same problem within a short time.
I can’t comment on the upgraded units because I don’t do upgrades myself but I think that this seems an extreme measure if you are not going for performance.
Service seems the only sensible option and if done correctly and with the correct parts, should last 10 years or more but bear in mind that the ecu has already done 30 years service.

Hi Joe, thanks for reply. Re. Question ,no , I don’t really want to get into the fault side of things as I say I just want to look at the replacement options.

  • I agree with you, another second hand unit is a waste of time.

  • re. As for rebuild who would you (or anyone) recommend as being the best for this? Roughly what is the price range ?
    (btw one of my previous ECU’s had already been worked on by ‘Ecudoctor’ uk)

  • I agree with you regarding modifying but for me if I got a reliable modern direct plug in replacement for the existing ECU that did not change the standard performance in any way that would be totally acceptable. I’d love to know if anyone had any experience with this

Hi Ross, out of curiosity, has it been the same fault with all 3 ecu’s?

Hi Ross.
I’m in the same position myself with my 92 twin turbo. I decided to put mine into my local auto electrician to confirm what I suspected, that my ecu failing. It has been removed and sent over to an ecu Doctor in Warrington. Although I was offered a relatively cheap second hand one, I thought it would be better to have mine re-furbished. At least you will get some form of warranty that you won’t get with second hand parts.
Good Luck with what ever route you decide to go down.

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Sound Dave, do you mind if I ask how much the refurb costs and how long will it take? Cheers

It’s with them now Ross. It was sent up to Warrington on Wednesday so expecting to hear something next week. I think the turn around is 3-4 days. Not had a price yet, but as soon as I find out I’ll let you know.


Thanks for that. Well I hope it’s a success and comes back good as new. I’ll have to send mine over too. All this brexit trade bolix will end up fleecing me I’m sure, it’s an awful pain in the

Hi Ross. News back from ecu Doctor in Warrington and my ecu is fried. So I have purchased a working ecu off a 91 tt gto. Mine is a 92 tt gto and although the numbers are different, the
91, MD 159964 and my 92, MD 189411, I’m hoping that being that there is very little difference between the cars, the ecu’s will be compatible.
The new ecu does have a small leak form a capacitor so I think it would be wise to get that repaired at the ecu Doctor before I put it on my car.

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Definitely would be worth having the caps done before you use it. Fingers crossed it works for you