Replace exhaust with CX Racing

Had to replace the exhaust on my 1990 GTO as it had a lot of holes and was starting to fall apart. So I went for a CXRacing turbo back stainless steel system and what and amazing bit of kit! Fitted perfectly straight out of the box. Everything lined up amazingly and the pipe sounds incredible. Very low and angry without being offensively loud very impressed


What was the cost of the setup

Is that a sensor hanging there on the 8 picture??

Also where did you purchase it from?? It is not listed on their site :thinking:

Yeah just have to extend wiring of o2 sensor. New bung is a bit far for it to fit. I got it from a performance shop off eBay brand new “old” stock item $720 AUD delivered

plonkers… I have looked around and not found a single one around…