Removing glove box

Hi all,

Ever since I bought the car the glove box has been hanging off and I can’t seem to figure out how to remove it without cutting into it.

The back latches are off and it’s hanging from the back, the front is still attached and I can’t open it with my keys the lock seems to turn but doesn’t do anything.

Any suggestions welcome

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Have you watched the video on dashboard removal. It may give you some clues.

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I may watch it again, I feel like you had to open it to get it off but could be wrong it’s been a while since I watched it

Joe’s video is very thorough and helped me tremendously when I removed the dash to replace the cracked vents. Now the tricky part with those funky glove box clips is getting them back in! I wish there was a video for that.

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I literally just pushed them in and wiggled them around until they were in correctly lol. I had no idea had to put them back in but I did it a few times, they are very tricky to put back in.

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Go to this link and you will find nice pictures on how to remove the Glovebox:

Jeff Lucius has a lot of good instructions on his site. He is before video, but he took a lot of very good pictures.


I just want to say for removal of those hinges. My mom literally removed them with nothing but her fingernails. Those things pop out very easily.

Had another watch of the dash removal video and looked at the link sent above, sadly all need you to open the glove box. I believe mine is just hanging on from the front I believe my only option is to drill/cut the glovebox off and source a new one

The glovebox is held to the frame behind the front console with two plastic hinges. One of mine had broken and my glovebox was hanging a little sideways and it was very hard to get it to close and stay closed. I search around on the web and found some instructions on fabricating new hinges using cooper pipe straps. Sorry, but I didn’t save the link. But I fabricated a new hinge using a pipe strap and the original hinge pin and now my glovebox works perfectly.