Removing catalytic converter

Hello folks

I was wondering if the car will give any error messages if the cat is removed… Can anybody please enlighten me about that??

Hi, I haven’t removed mine yet but as far as I’m aware you just put a loop on the connector under the seat as this stops the warning light from coming on.

I removed mine recently. Very easy job to do, and yes you will get a light on the dash.
I disconnect the plug under the seat and pulled the plug with its grommet from under the car, removed the plug by carefully detaching the cables going into the plug so I can feed it through the grommet. I wanted to put the grommet back and I didn’t want to cut the cable off the Catalytic, just incase I want to put it back.
Then made a loop using spade connectors and 1ohm resistor and connected to the plug under the seat (I think it’s a white plug), if you don’t have a resistor, you can just do without, it should still work.

This I’ve been wondering about. I’m still trying to visualize your solution. Imvv please give me a call sure it will come to me What’s the difference if noticeable?

Well I did it, as I thought I had a clogged Cat. Car was being sluggish, it ended up being worn out HT leads. But as I had already bought a nice shiny cat delete pipe, I thought I would remove it anyway.
And as my car is a jap import 1991, it wouldn’t need a cat for the MOT (I think you guys call it smog test).

So I suppose it allows for better flow and it sounds nicer. It’s slightly more growly.

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Did you also do that wire thingie under the passanger seat??
I would like to see how it looks like, because I am having a hard time visualising it :thinking:

Yea here is a photo I just took

If you have fat hands you might struggle to get proper access. I just took the seat out, gave me a chance to hoover under the seat too.

You can see the white plug which I have looped. Just use two spade connectors and a bit of wire. That’s it.


Thank you very very much… Awesome to be able to get so much good help and advice here around… It is gold worth :+1: