Refurbish the Fuel Tank

Hey guys, Joe is inundated with video requests, So I was wondering if any of you have tackled dropping out the fuel tank, refurbishing it and how did you drain the tank safely ?
Also regarding the components, “I’m preparing for the worst”, did you have to replace any parts on the tank. ? I have corrosion all over the fuel tank and wondering how hard is it to get the tank out. Any advice graciously appreciated.

Hi Peter
Thanks for your consideration. I really am struggling at the moment and as winter rolls in, things will be harder still.
There is a drain plug at the bottom of the tank to let the fuel out.
The tank is lowered by removing the 2 straps that hold it up. Lower it very slowly until you can get to the pipes that are hidden at the top. Simple clips hold those pipes on. Undo the nuts that hold in the pump assembly and gently lower the rest of the tank while working the pump out. If you struggle to get the pump out for any reason, cut the rubber hose that goes to it. NEVER cut the metal fuel line. Remember that the fuel line may still be pressurised. If you have a lot of rust, there is a good chance that you will have to do repairs to the metal tubes that go into the top of the tank.
Good luck


Thanks a mill Joe, I’ll have a go at that cheers,

By the way Joe, thanks for the last video, I actually have to replace broken rear windscreen, quater panel, sail panel and rear quarter glass. Was going to get a professional auto glazer to put the glass in, but now i’m pretty sure i can do that myself too. :+1:t2:


Good job Spiros, Any problems ?

Was easy for me to take the tank out, long ago I’ve replaced the full line from the filter to the metal fuel line on the pump assembly with braided AN6 line therefore was easy to undo.

Looks great, I see you’ve done the crash beam while you were at it, I’m working on mine as per pics, I’ll weld in new steel when i pick some up,

It was while I was down under the rear of the car that I saw the state of the Fuel tank, and realized that would have to come out too !
The heat shield around the tank is falling apart just by touch, Do you know if its still possible to get them ?

Im not sure if this helps, but I just noticed that my tank is not held up by bands, but is bolted up instead… I took some pictures as a referance…
I also added the line that goes to the fuel filler cap as it might help you to see how it looks like

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Thanks for that Johan, I just need to get a free day now to dive right in. Thanks Guys

I don’t think the shield is available I was lucky to find a decent used one that I’ve refurbished. I recommend POR15 for metal protection,a bit expensive but good stuff !

I havent seen any 3000GT or GTO fuel tank held up by straps! It’s bolted up. The tank protectors are rare to find in one piece but if caught early you can save them. Tanks are still available to order from Mitsubishi, £1k but includes a new sender unit, flexible line and the lower protector.

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You are absolutely right about the straps. I was working on a different vehicle recently and got the two mixed up. Doh

:+1:t2: Thanks for that

I’m refurbing my rusty tank as well.

I found the hardest part of the tank removal process is disconnecting the fuel line where it connects to the fuel pump assembly on top of the tank. There is a flexible hose that runs from the hard line outlet on the fuel pump on top of the tank to a hard line running under the car.

Strong advice on other sites is to disconnect the flexible pipe where it joins the main fuel line under the car NOT at the end that connects to the tank. The hard line on the fuel pump assembly is fragile (particularly if its an older/rusty vehicle) and you risk seriously damaging the fuel pump assembly. If that happens its a much bigger job than simply de-rusting the tank. I speak from bitter personal experience! Replacement fuel pump assemblies are as rare as hens teeth. I’ve found 2 from scrappies but both were already damaged.

As a result I’m currently taking the same approach as Spiros and replacing the fuel line from the tank through to the fuel filter on the engine bay bulkhead. Here’s a link to a great article covering this conversion procedure. Stealth 316 - Fuel Supply Line in Engine Bay

For the tank refurb, I’m going to follow the various videos on Youtube that use the POR15 process to resurface and seal the tank from the inside. Extending the life of your tank is the best/only approach given that replacement tanks are simply not available or prohibitively expensive.

My tank protector shield is beyond repair and I’m looking at options for that too. Ideas welcome.

Good luck.



Hey Paul, thanks for those tips, I most definitely will check out the videos on POR15,
If you come up with a solution to the heat shield replacement, I would be grateful if you would share, thanks,


Was really pleased with the way that turned out! Complete underneath restoration seven month job fun times…


This is a nice job !

Great job ! what did you spray the tank with ? Or is that the original finish coming through ?