Rebuild steering rack (4WS)

Hello all my name is: Pascal
I have a: 3000GT VR4 1992
It has the following issue:
I’m busy rebuilding the steering rack of the car, but I’m confused on 1 point:
does anybody know in which direction the inner seal of the damper needs to be placed, is it with closed ring facing outside the damper or has it to be facing innerside steering rack? I ask because the manual nor the rebuilding page on different websites don’t mention this.
In attach a picture of the damper, the inner seal is hidden behind the seal with the yellow ring:

I can’t quite make out the arrangement of that seal, but this, diagram I’ve drawn should give you a clue for how standard hydraulic seals go.

How this helps, Guy

Thanks for the reply, a standard seal works like in your picture, but the seal in question is a scraper seal, it’s function is only to prevent moisture to get in contact with the fluid, but I want to know if the mounting direction of it is important…