Rear Wiper Removal

Hello all my name is Lee, I have a 1998 GTO SR.

I am going to refurb my rear wiper arm (not the mechanism). I looked this morning quickly to see about removing it but couldn’t see anything obvious to move it.

Has anyone got advice on how to remove the main arm please?


There is a cap at the base. Remove the cap. Remove the nut. Wiggle the arm off.

It might be stuck, but that’s all that holds it.

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Thanks, will give it a go tonight. I remember the fronts being tough to get off (mainly due to trying not to damage anything when twisting them off). cheers

if its realy stuck use some PB blast to help free it up

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When you put it back on, just need to be sure the top of the wiper is properly lined up with the edge of the window, at rest. Torque for the center main mounting nut isn’t much - 4Nm.

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