Rear windscreen wiper

Hi guys I have a 3000gt the rear windscreen wiper looks passed its best!

Are there any bosch/replacement ones out there? I tried to find some but none are listed specifically.


Any good motor factors store should have a quality replacement.

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Any part numbers? I have tried on the usual ecp, halfords, bosch sites and can’t see them listing one for the rear.

When I put my number plate into the Euro Car Parts site, they list a standard looking Bosch 19" blade (SP19) as fitting the rear wiper. However, there’s a little note under the fitment detail that says “must also use 48577504”. I tried searching the site for that reference number but nothing comes up :man_shrugging:.

Evil Empire have a rear wiper blade adaptor fitting kit: GTO & 3000GT Rear Wiper Blade Adaptor Fitting Kit

So I suspect the “must also use” note on the Euro Car Parts site is something related to the interface between the wiper arm and the blade.

Hope this helps

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Measure the length of the current wiper and get that then you can buy the adapter like this off eBay:

Job done :+1:


Thanks I have one on its way from Rob I would rather support 3kgt businesses than ebay!

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Thanks, I went with the evilempire one.

Update my bosch ar19u arrived, doesn’t fit the arm from evilempire as the adapter doesn’t have enough space on the side by about 1mm to get it to fit.

Ordered one from ebay. Also looks like you could easily fir an ar21 on size wise too.