Rear turbo leaking into intercooler?

Hello all my name is Keagan
I have a 97 3000GT Vr4
It has the following issue: Rear turbo leaking into intercooler.
I noticed my car made a big puff of smoke when coming to a stop (after engaging clutch).
After some troubleshooting I replaced the pcv valve (it was bad) and this seemed to help but not entirely.

I then checked inside intake pipes I noticed oil which I traced back to the rear turbo.
It seems there is oil inside the intercooler (for rear turbo). Could this have been caused by the bad pcv valve, or should I have the rear turbo replaced?
Both turbos have been rebuilt around 5 years ago.
It seems like a mission to remove the rear turbo to check further :frowning:

----Other info----
My car is in my home country (South Africa) but I am trying to figure out what I should buy since I only make the trip once or twice a year. Buying parts there is impossible so I will gather parts before making the trip :slight_smile:


will be the rear turbo oil seals mate .common thing to go but thought a rebuilt turbo would last longer than that .

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I would also check the rear turbo oil return line, make sure it is not clogged up