Rear tailgate moulding advice

Hey Guys, new on the GTO scene, bought a 91 TT a month or so ago, have started to get stuck into some jobs to renovate the car.

Top of my list is dealing with the boot leaks, many thanks for your video Joe, which i have been following along.

Looking for some advice on the rear tailgate moulding, pictures below.

As you can see, the bubbling under the black sealant is pretty bad, I’ve ordered new clips and grommets, but was debating stripping, rust treating, and resealing this black section underneath the moulding.

Any advice would be appreciated!

you could always wrap that piece right? Ive heard of some people wrapping it and having success that way as opposed to painting it or something.

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yeah, perhaps a wrap could work, not sure if that would provide a better or worse seal over the exposed metal though?

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oh were you talking about how to treat the area underneath that moulding? Im really not sure tbh, I know people just remove the moulding, paint it and be done with it. Is it just surface rust?

Yeah, I think it’s 95% surface. I’ll use a rust converter to treat it.

Just curious as to how best to seal really, I’ve no experience with wraps, not sure if I could just go nuts with a silicone-based sealant…

That’s rusted real bad. You’ll need to replace it. Look at salvage yards or, even ebay

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do you mean cutting and welding new sheet metal in?

Had hoped to avoid that, reckon it could be difficult given the glass and tight angles.

Looks more like moulding, in which case it’s easier to replace it. No welding needed.
Joe made a video on removing it.

I have 1991 TT gto it had the same thing , i removed the strip cleaned up , rust treated paint then repainted and filled gap with marine greese to stop the water ever getting back in . got new moulding from Mitsubishi ( not cheap ) be its fixed now , hopefully for a long time

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Thanks man, glad to know my plan is pretty much the same!

Yeah, looking like I’m gonna have to go through Mitsubishi for a new one, going to have to bite the bullet I think…

Iknow not great but one of those things , just a FYI Rockauto in USA is good for shocks if you need them as the GTO is also Dodge Stealth over there so lots of parts made in USA

Apparently this molding is available again. I believe the lady who sells the weatherstrips for the doors now sells the rear trim piece.

Cool stuff i need one left and one right , how do we order ? Dose she ship to New Zealand ?

Can u post link thanks

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Let me know if this link works. I recommend contacting her and asking for pics to see fitment.

I had a quick look the other day.

I think she sells the top rear moulding, but not the bottom one.

happy to be proved wrong though =]

She sells both. She took the bottom one off the market for a short period due to some fitment issue, but it is back now.

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this is correct, she made some adjustments to the bottom piece so it fits correctly. I think she is selling the bottom piece for around 120 US dollars.

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yes linked work i have asked to join … thanks

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if you cant join for some reason let me know and ill get you in touch with her

cool stuff thanks for the help . I need left and right side door window strips , i am in New Zealand if that helps . Mitsubishi says they can get them but its lots of money

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