Rear Suspension Stabilizer Links

Recently had a rear suspension failure. The left rear lower arm sheared at the shock absorber end resulting in the left stabilizer link being sheared off as well. Mitsubishi want £72 plus for the item if available… Blue Point do the same item; minus nut washers and bushes etc for the same price.
Located an equivalent from
£16.40 inclusive of tax and customs etc. Note they are based in Germany and delivery took around two weeks. Quality is good. They are made by YAMATO with a part number J65019YMT


Priceless information Derek. Thanks.
Do you have any pictures?
Yamato seem to do quite a few products for our cars any the quality looks really good.

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Hi Photos of new item as received plus one poor one of it fitted. It is identical to the original. There are several ones available but this is the only one that I found that has the same dimensions. The key bit to look for is the small fixed nut at the top to hold a spanner whilst adjusting the bottom arm nut to the required 7 mil depth as per the manual. This has to have been welded during manuafacture to give the correct clearance of the joint away from the drive shafts.


This sort of part is gold for the future of our cars and an excellent reproduction.
Thanks for posting the information.