Rear struts bushes

Hi all. Im looking rear strut bushes. Does anyone have one or two for sale?
Thank you

Hi Artur
Sorry for the late reply, I only just got back from Ukraine.
I have new bushes for the ecs struts.
Please dm me if you still need them.

Yes im looking one or two. Depends of the price with delivery

The price is £29 each. Shipping is free to uk address. If you outside of UK, I will get a price based on country.

Great. So i take one for now. Please tell me what payment you prefer?

Which country are you in?

UK. Northamptonshire

You can pay by PayPal, online banking or by card through my website

thank you. Please send me message with paypal details.
And one more question. Have you got for sale metal line for oryginal exhoust for silent mode valve or maybe you know measurement of this metal line?
Thank you.