Rear Strut Bush Sleeve Size?

Hi All,

By any chance does anyone know the correct dims for the rear strut bush sleeve?

Car is a '91 GTO TT

Currently don’t have any to measure against


Hi Ryan

What sleeve are you referring to, the one at the bottom of the Shock absorber where it bolts to the chassis or the sleeve at he top of the Shock where it mounts to the body.


The one at the bottom of the shock.


Courtesy of '#Spyder124 who posted this on a thread I started

Lenght 41.45. mm. Outside Diameter 27.20 mm. Center Hole Diameter 22.01 mm. NOTE one end of the metal sleeve has a slight flare of 8 mm where it sits against the stub axle end.

Hope this helps

Just read your post again, think that’s the issue, I have a feeling that the ones I have on the suspension that I got with the car is 22mm all the way across. Will feedback to the garage may need to get another set of suspension.


Could you just get a cone drill and open the 22mm up sufficiently for the bush to fit flush on the stud ?

Potentially, will have a look when I have the car back. Just went ahead and bought another set just to get the car rolling and get it out of the garage that it’s been sat in for the past month.

Worse case I will see if I can machine a new set of bushes out and sell on the suspension I’ve just bought.

Just incase anyone is interested. I have new bushes on order but I won’t have them for a couple of months. I will list them on here when they arrive.


Hi Joe

Will that be the rubber bush and the steel insert or just the rubber bush ?

The whole thing. The rubber is moulded onto the sleeve as part of the bush. They should not be 2 separate pieces.

I may be interested when these land.

Will keep my eye on here for when they do.


That is excellent news Joe, another common problem that you have found a solution to, top marks. I will keep an eye out for your post to say they have arrived.

I had the same issue with rear struts. The suspension dude welded the eyes off an R33 Skyline. Fit perfectly.

I’m sure I saw you post this on a previous thread before I posted and I was curious but I can’t seem to find a r33 bush that looks a similar size.

Think I will end up waiting for Joe to get these bushings made and fit them, may work out handy to have a spare set of suspension lying around

The eyes off the struts I had didnt fit so the strut dude ground off the eyes and welded the whole shebang on to my struts as the whole was a bit small. Seems that the R33 is a direct fit. That’s my understanding anyway.