Rear spoiler switch suppliers

Hey everyone, as suspected it turns out the switches I bought do not have enough travel to actually work, I set them back half a mm with a clamp and my motor worked fine. My original ones didn’t have a wheel just a curved bit of metal do I need to tinker with mine or is there a different supplier, I’ve seen green ones on eBay

Thanks in advance

It looks like 3sx sells the same green ones.

Save getting them from America I’ll try the eBay ones, or I’ll modify the ones I have I don’t think they’re meant to have the extra roller wheel on

I bought mine from Amazon. Here is the link

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I have Ebay green ones but not fitted yet , they appear to be identical .

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my original ones didn’t have the little roller wheel on, that half mm makes the difference of the switch working or not think i may take the wheel off