Rear Shock Absorbers No ECS for 4WD NA

Hi All

I am after 2 rear Shock Absorbers for a 4WD NA, car is not fitted with ECS so just the ordinary shock absorber, I had one leaking and one just misting, but the misting one would not come off and the bottom rubber fixing had to be drilled out to enable removal, the leaking shock came off ok but the Bump stop had been destroyed so I need one of those also.

If anyone has anything that might help please get in contact

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I hope you found what you are looking for…
Those should be pretty easy to find as you can easily go aftermarket with KYB shocks.

Hi Lex

Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately KYB do not make a aftermarket rear shock absorber to fit my car, I read up on many forums mostly US ones and have purchased two sets of KYB rear shocks from recommendation but neither are correct.

The first pair were KYB 341183 which would accept my existing springs and top mounting plates but are too short and apparently are for the NA FWD 3000GT, the second pair were KYB 341185 which are the correct length but will not accept my existing springs and top mounting plates, it turns out that these are designed to accept the springs and top mounting plates from the 4WD car fitted with ECS and was marketed by KYB for customers who wanted to do away with the ECS but use the existing parts on their ECS Shock absorbers.

So I am still in the same position as I was previously Just with a lot less money, if you know the part numbers of any rear shocks that will be suitable I would be most grateful

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Have look at
they have lots of parts for GTO good prices also

Hi Supertec

Thank you for the link to Carid, I have visited the site but unfortunately they only list the same rear KYB shocks that I have already purchased being the 341185 which are designed to replace the ECS shocks using their top mounts springs and bump stops.

It seems that no body does a aftermarket rear shock to suit the AWD cars not fitted with ECS

Thank you again for taking the time to give me the link, what I require is a equivalent to the OE part number MB631739 which does not seem to be available as far as I can see

In case you don’t find an aftermarket replacement: MB631739 is still available in Japan…

this is the page i was talking about might be worth an email to them

or 3sx.

Happy shopping


Hi Chris

Thank you very much for the links, I have Emailed Carid and will let you know if I get a reply

Thanks again much appreciated



i found an other place as i am looking my self for rear shocker
{ FCS says is 345422 { i have emailed them to confirm }}
if its right rockauto is the place.
plz check it out


Just FYI i lived in uk until is was 38 left 11 years ago for NZ

Hi Chris

Thank you for the info, that is the part number I Emailed Carid about asking for them to confirm dimensions but I have not yet received a reply, as soon as I hear anything I will let you know.

If you hear anything from your enquiry please contact me, I have looked at Rockauto and the Photo of the 345422 looks similar to the KYB 341143 but it may not be a photo of the actual item.

What model of the 3S Chassis have you got and is it a Import or a NZ supplied vehicle ?

If you have been there 11 years then you must be enjoying what my Father called “Gods own Country” where are you located ?

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have you tried evil empire

Hi Chris

Carid have replied to my enquiry, they state that the manufacturer does not supply any dimensions and they are unable to help they also said to check fitment before ordering. Helpful aren’t they

Let me know if you get any more useful info from your enquiry

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Hi whatsup

Thank you for taking the trouble to post the link, It would certainly be useful as a last resort, I have however unfortunately found that company to be very unhelpful in the past and try to avoid dealing with them.

Thanks again for the link much appreciated

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Ok i have result this is from KYB

We have contacted KYB Japan and determined the OE number from your vehicle matches 341185 however this is not a KYB Australia part number and we cannot help with sourcing this.

You will need to contact a New Zealand distributor or as it appears to be available for KYB America you may be able to import it via a KYB USA distributor such as Summit Racing

i checked summit out . no stock

also gives you sizes etc

Rock Auto is real good place and have checked with local cars shop and its very good place.

i am going to order when i have the funds.

Happy Shopping


Hi Chris

Thank you for the message, I don’t know if your car is the same spec as mine but if it is a NA 4WD without ECS I guarantee that the 341185 will not fit I have two brand new KYB 341185 that I purchased last year as I was told they would fit.

They are wrong on many levels the spring seat diameter on the shock body is to large for the spring, the top mount will not fit the piston as the piston diameter is larger than the one removed so all the hardware on the existing top mount do not fit either.

I am reliably informed that the 341185 is designed to fit the hardware from a ECS shock absorber

Please let me know what the spec is on your car

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OK so i have 1991 gto 3000 vr4 twin turbo , its is ECS but it dose not work so not that bothered
i have a drawing of my unit . max length is 690mm from bottom mount to spring is 260mm if you still have them in can buy them from you if thats ok .
i can email u the sizes if thats ok on [email protected]


4 wheel drive 3000gt non turbo, was never sold in USA.
However other markets like Asia and Europe had them… Not sure about Europe.
You might have to look at Japanese stores.

This may help as I have no idea if Koni still make these, but i’ve just had mine rebuilt. The NO on mine is 8240 1126. Had them make some front ones for me at the same time. Cheers and good luck.

Hi Kiwia

Thank you for the message, I have looked up that Koni number and I can only assume that they have re-allocated that number as it now comes up as being suitable for a Acura Legend.

Your help is much appreciated

Lots of parts are interchangeable between makes, so that would not surprise me.