Rear Rack Pump advice please!

Hi all, me again after some advice. As some may know I’ve had rear Steering Rack problems and swapped the old leaking Rack out. Had trouble bleeding the rack as one nipple wasn’t going to budge and didn’t want it snapping off. Bled system whilst in the air using the remaining nipples at silly speeds and the Rear Steering seems to be moving slightly on full lock only, not sure this is correct? Also now, I have a whining noise coming from, I’m sure the actual Pump. Could the noise be because I haven’t bled it completely and is running”dry” if so, will it eventually seize and if so would it lock the Diff? Not looking forward to dropping the Subframe again!
Thanks for any help/advice

Hi Martin
Lets deal with the easy subject first. If the pump seizes, it will not lock the diff.
The noises are most likely down to air still being in the system but this can’t be confirmed without hearing and seeing it.
To remove the seized nipple you need someone with an induction heater. If you can’t find someone, you can drive to mine and I will do it for you. The bleed points are where they are for a reason and you will most likely need to bleed all of them to get all of the air out.
I hope this helps.

Hi Joe, thank you for the reply. I’ve just found a Video of the Rear Wheel Steering in operation and it shows the Wheels moving on full lock just as mine are doing so I’m thinking that it’s working fine. I’m away on Holiday (lucky me!) for a few Days, when I return after replacing some Coil Springs on my Merc, I’ll get stuck into it. A Road Trip may well be in order to meet you!
Thanks again!