Rear number plate support - 1998 3000GT

Can any one please tell me what sort of licence plate holder I would have behind the number plate please. I am stock piling the materials I need to renew the rusted bumper support and crash supports which I have on the way but noticed there are a lot of variations on this part. I can find out when I strip it down but would like it beforehand to save additional waiting time for it to turn up. Any help would be very much appreciated.
Also, if anyone has a picture of the rear end without the bumper on they could share that would be great.

Here you go - the UK cars have a different number plate bracket to the GTOs they are very rare so I would recommend when you strip yours get them shot blasted and powder coated


That’s just what I was looking for, thanks very much for posting. In that case I’m hoping that it is in a salvageable condition when I get to it.
That top image looks showroom fresh. Nice work.

Unless someone out there has a good one taking up space?