Rear Hatch/Glass

Hello. I’m new to the forum and I just got a 95 n/a 3000gt. I’m looking for either a new hatch or glass for the hatch in the USA if possible. The previous owner did an awful tint job and ruined the hatch glass so I can not properly see out of it and it’s an eye sore. If anybody has one for sale I would love to discuss an offer with you!

You can remove the tint and adhesive. Just takes time and effort. The back glass is gonna run you around 800 from glass replacement companies.

The only downside to removing the tint is your defrosters likely won’t survive if the tint doesn’t remove with heat and spray and you have to resort to a razor blade.

If the tint had that purple look to it, it’s likely original and you will have to use a razor blade, as the old adhesive can’t be reactivated to remove.

I removed mine in about 3 hours.

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