Rear Hatch/ Boot hinges adjustment

Hello all im new here! mlMy name is: steve
I have a: (GTO, 3000GT TT) that I just acquired in the last month.

I am trying to work out if the rear tailgate, hatch, boot has any scope for adjustment in the hinges.

I was looking at the overall alignment and one hinge appears to be a couple of mm lower than on the otherwise if I was to measure the top of the tailgate to the roofline on each side.

I had a good look but couldn’t really see much as its quite tight up there.

Is the top line of the tailgate not level all across the roof??
Im asking, because there are also some adjusters at the bottom of the tailgate and where it sits on low on the sides… If those are not lined up, then your tailgate will be wonky

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Hi thanks for messaging me, it looks like s hinge on one side along the roofline is a couple of mm higher than the other to me.

I’ve had a look at the rubber adjusters and its pretty much lined up there but not 100% due to the top part I think.

Hi Ballist1x
Could you post a picture ?

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You can see on the right, the boot lid top is say 3mm lower than the left compared to the roof top.

Marginal but I’m on it haha