Rear ECS Shock Absorbers 1993 TT

Looking for the two rear ECS type Shock Absorbers for 93 TT. Lower bushes are gone and unable to find replacement bushes anywhere.

If you still have the metal tube that sits in the bush- you can make a new bush out of a ~ 45mm tube of poly bush material.

Thanks for the input. Would the following be what you had in mind. This one is only 43 mil

Polyurethane Rod | Direct Plastics Limited

Yeah that’s the sort of thing - you can trim it to size on a lathe- even a makeshift lathe with a drill and a vice will work using a wood chisel

Thanks for the info. Will look into getting a length to experiment with in case a pair of shocks dontt materialise.

Hi 3KGT,
Would you be able to post a picture of what you are talking about exactly, not the shock as I know what that is but the worn out part and where it is suppose to be.

Otherwise you can purchase rear OEM ECS shocks here:

Mitsubishi OEM Struts/Shocks 91-95 AWD W/ECS Rear Pair (MitsuShocksAWDREARPAIRECS) - Ninja (