Rear Brake Pad Fitting Kit

Hi Guys, Does anyone know where I can find one of these that fits 1st Generation GTO, I can’t seem to find one on the internet for my car, Every other type car yes !! but not mine, I’ll buy secondhand if anyone has an old set of pins and bracket . I just need one side. Thanks if anyone can help.

Brake Pad fitting Kit


Do you need all these items or are the Pins salvageable ? the pad retainers and the wire pin retainers are the same as the ones fitted to the Subaru Impreza with the Sumitomo front callipers the only difference is the length of the pins the diameter of the pins is the same, the Subaru ones are readily available. if that is of any help.

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That’s brilliant Brillo, I actually picked that picture because they looked the same as mine, they are from a Subaru Impreza WRX. But I could not find any online dimensions to compare and verify. I will ensure the one’s I buy are for Sumitomo Calipers. That’s great I can modify the length of the pins to fit mine. Thanks mate. :+1:

Hi Peter

I fear that I misread your post, I was talking about the Front Callipers, I got confused because I under stood that the Gen 1 Cars had a Sliding one pot calliper on the rear and it was only the Gen2 onwards that had the 2 Pot static callipers. Has your Gen1 been fitted with Gen2 rear calipers

I probably should have been more specific about the Pins, the ones in the Subaru Kit are shorter than the ones for the GTO, which is why I said are the pins salvageable, sorry I should have been clearer.

I took the chance of ordering the Subaru ones for mine and as I say all the parts fit apart from the pins are to short.

Apologies for the confusion

Hi Brillo, Yes I am looking for the kit for single sliding one pot caliper on the “rear”, My original pin is 97mm in length.
Will the Subaru Impreza/Sumitomo front caliper kit still fit do you think ?

I really doubt it, If I remember correctly the single pot calliper does not have any pad retaining pins. can you upload a photo of the calliper, I have attached a photo of how I remember the single looks

Hi Brillo, see attached, this is mine, I have a feeling you’re going to tell me its 2nd generation ?

Hi Peter

Yes I am afraid that is exactly what I am going to say, assuming it says Mitsubishi on the side I can not see that is certainly a Gen 2 calliper, a lot of of Gen 1 TT’s had the rears changed to the 2 Pot callipers
as its a relatively cheap upgrade and they just bolt on.

Yep, Mitsubishi is on the side, I guess i’ll have to keep looking so, :anguished: Thanks for the Info and time Brillo, Much appreciated.

Have you tried mitsubishi? I bought a load of brake parts direct from mitsubishi dealer without any problems.

Yes, I went to the one nearest me but believe it or not, they actually don’t have a parts department. They are only sales of new cars. They directed me to a dealer which is the far side of the Dublin. I might get to them next week.

Try Donnelly mitsubishi parts dept in Belfast. Really nice guy working there and you’d have much better chance of getting sorted . The mitsubishi garages in the south are a waste of time.

If my memory serves me correctly, I was able to get some from with a caliper rebuild kit. If it was not from them, it would have been I know the cost of shipping to your side of the pond is ridiculously expensive, you might try salvage yards. You could also upgrade the rear to 2nd gen. Another option is to retrofit Subaru rears to your car. It’s a bit of work, but it can be done if your fairly adept at fabricating miscellaneous parts.

He already has 2nd gen rear calipers.

Thanks guys, however Brillo has come to my rescue, and I received a postage message that the parts he has sent me will be delivered today. :slightly_smiling_face:
So grateful to Brillo