Rear audio speakers

Hello folks (again)

In my restoration of my GTO I decided that I might aswell go through everything, and I noticed that the rear speakers have seen better days (to put it mildly)
So I was just wondering if any of you good folks could guide me to some replacements that fit directly in our cars… I must point out that I do not want to modify anything… It must fit into the original mounts :laughing:

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I got a poineer set for front and back, fitted perfectly.
Give Rob at EE a call , he has a good selection.

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I use kicker front rear and amp

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Been wanting to do this also. Definitely time for replacements. This is great!

I installed these speakers into the rear today:

They were a properly direct fit

But dont forget that if you go for replacing speakers, then get either one of these adapter wire thingie

Or this one which is the cheap make at home option


Do you know if there are any door speakers that are a direct fit?

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I replaced mine with Pioneer, front and back. Nice sound from them.

I’ve fitted MTX door speakers with tweeters from Robo

They sound great and direct fit, been meaning to do the 6x9s at back, but dreading ripping all the back panels out, saving it for the summer.

However I did manage to get a very nice OEM looking stereo that doesn’t ruine the look of the cockpit.


Do the steering wheel controls work with this stereo?

I presume not. Mine is NA so there are no steering controls. So there is no way for me to check.
The stereo comes with its own little remote, but I never find them useful.

Do you have a link for the door speakers you bought?

Yea I got mine from Rob at evil empire:

Any 6.5" set should fit. MTX do good quality speakers. Pioneer also do a decent set.

Here is a photo of it fitted

I’m unsure if the website can be used worldwide as far as shipping goes. However my best resource has been

They don’t have the correct sizing for the speakers when you use the vehicle fit guide. But you can get a 6x9 pair for the rear, and a 6 1/2 pair for the front. When you buy from there you get all necessary wiring harnesses and install guides for free.

Even if you buy a head unit you get the harness for it for free as well!

where did you find that surround for the head unit? mine is this unsightly gap :(.

You have to do two things. Get longer screws for the radio and add spacers to bring it out a little. The second thing is to get the universal trim kit and cut it with a razor blade until it fits around the radio and sits in the small channel on the back of the factory trim plate.

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thats the standard surround that comes with the OEM stereo, i presume yours is just missing the surround.

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Mine isn’t standard. At least not the one that is filling the gap between the factory trim piece that you take off to access the screws for the radio. I’ve got one behind it that I custom cut to fit around the radio and take up the 1/4 inch around it.

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ahh i mis-understood which piece you were referring to. I meant the Surround that you take off to access the 4 screws. As far as i know thats the only surround, not sure why you would have needed to make a custom surround as a standard double din stereo should sit in there nicely without any modifications. the one earlier in the thread is my Blaupunkt one and i didnt have to make any modifications.

The newer sony’s sit back pretty far and can’t be brought up as there’s only one set of mounting holes for the unit. So I had to use spacers. The other thing is the radio is on the smaller side of double dins as technology has gotten better everything’s gotten smaller.

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