Rear audio speakers

Hello folks (again)

In my restoration of my GTO I decided that I might aswell go through everything, and I noticed that the rear speakers have seen better days (to put it mildly)
So I was just wondering if any of you good folks could guide me to some replacements that fit directly in our cars… I must point out that I do not want to modify anything… It must fit into the original mounts :laughing:

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I got a poineer set for front and back, fitted perfectly.
Give Rob at EE a call , he has a good selection.

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I use kicker front rear and amp

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Been wanting to do this also. Definitely time for replacements. This is great!

I installed these speakers into the rear today:

They were a properly direct fit

But dont forget that if you go for replacing speakers, then get either one of these adapter wire thingie

Or this one which is the cheap make at home option