Rear Active Aero

Hi i have a rear working active aero for sale taken off my 1st gen car 5 years ago and has been kept in my garage. In very good condition in Grace silver 1st gen colour. When I removed it it was working fine up and down, however, it has sat for 5 years and I have no way of testing it now. I cannot guarantee it will work straight off but can only say it worked fine the day it came off.
Price is £100 no offers and no best price beggers.

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Is it still available ? :slight_smile:

Hi yeah forgot i did this advert lol.

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Just wrap it up and send it to me please. I will buy it. You have any else from the 1st gen?

Dont worry for the shipping just tell me how much it costs and send you money right away.

Hi torque, is there any problems?