Rear Active Aero Metal Plate

Hi, I am looking for the metal plate that the motor and electrics for the rear active aero are attached to. Mine has completely rusted away and is destroyed. Here is a picture:

Any help would be appreciated.
Adam Warner

Hey Adam, I feel your pain. I am in the middle of trying to restore my own. I had to cut away one complete section as it was rusted away and crumbled as i was grinding the plate before spraying with Zinc to try to slow the rot. So i’m making and welding a replacement as per pics.
Also when i was dismantling the aero wing, 3 of the threaded sleeves came out with the bolts as they were completed rusted in there. so i had to melt a hexagonal bolt using a soldering iron back into the plastic sleeve (as shown) to take the new 10mm nuts.
I will also be shaping the rest of the edges with Fiberglass to finish the tray. Just thinking of a possible solution going forward, I don’t see why the entire tray couldn’t be made from fibreglass which would solve the rust problem and I would imagine it would be strong enough too.
By the look of yours though i think its well past saving. If you cannot source one, it might be an option to borrow one and take a mold of it and perhaps someone could duplicate the tray in either fiberglass or carbon fibre. It would certainly be one problem solved for all future owners of these cars. Now that I think of it … what other problematic rusty parts could be replaced with fibreglass or carbon fibre mmmmmm maybe someone on this forum has already started a process, Anyway hope you get it sorted. Oh did you ask Joe ? he might have one.

Aero Wing Bolt holes


How the f these can get like that :astonished:

That is a really good idea trying to see if that plate and other parts that are essential in some operations can be changed to fibreglass or carbon fibre… I sure would be interested in a few of those parts as it is a proper ease of mind

Hi Pken, thanks for the reply! I just noticed you’re Irish, I am too! I live in West Cork. Thanks for the advice, and good luck with your build! Do you know how I would go about contacting Joe? I only joined this forum recently. Also, how do I get a flag next to my name like yours?
Thanks again,

Hi Adam, If you go into the topic “Joe’s gems”, he’s the only one there. His icon is a red 3000gt.
Click on his icon and choose to message, he’ll pick it up.
Have you subscribed to his channel on youtube ?. He’s making video’s on every aspect of refurbishing these cars. trust me they are invaluble, and there’s more to come, you should definitely subscribe being an owner of a GTO.
As for the Irish icon. Joe has requested that all on the forum put their Countries flag beside their name, so we all know where these cars have reached the four corners of the earth, LOL
and not surprisingly … these cars ARE alive and well in all four corners of the earth. I hope it stays that way. But getting back to the flag. I actually cant remember and i tried to access it there and can’t seem to get into my set up profile, maybe you can only do it when originally setting up an account, or perhaps one of the lads on this could tell us how. Guys ??

ha ha Spiros, we have ALOT of rain here in Ireland :sweat_smile:

I fully agree Johan, after all it is just a dish shaped metal plate with holes,
How hard could it be ?

No rain here in Sunny Scotland :laughing:

For Flag … click on avatar top right corner, click on your username, click on preferences, click on profile on left under Account, scroll down the bottom. National Flag - choose and save changes

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Ok, thanks for that Spiros!

Hi Pken, thanks for the advice! I will probably do this tomorrow as it is getting quite late now. Thanks again!