Rattle can touch ups

tbf pearl white from a spray can was never going to turn out great, plus the paint code has always been an issue of being completely off for the body shops ive used in the past, so this was more than expected, the actual finish is not bad considering my lack of ability.

sprayed the spoiler struts as the paint had totally given up.
this is what they were like before, having removed all the loose paint prior to sanding.

and a quick comparison to how the paint is wildly off, the pearl is there but its nothing in comparison to the oem paint, which is a bit disappointing as the pearl layer came in its own can so i was hoping it would have had a bit more depth at least.

I aint gonna loose any sleep over it mind as its miles better than it was but does anyone know a decent match for the pearl white (94)? irc its meant to be w75.

The pearl white is a tri-coat. There isn’t going to be a match from a spray can that works anywhere.

Matching is difficult with pearls, and especially with tri-coats. You could literally have the exact same mix, and spray two panels ever so slightly different, and then the color will look different, because the pearl is laying differently. This is why when body shops do tri-coats and other pearls they have to blend it. If you don’t blend then there will be an obvious difference from panel to panel.


Where did you get the spray cans and which ones did you get?

Oh absolutely, this is just a quick fix to the struts letting the whole car down, it will get a proper full respray at some point.

with it all reassembled, its less obvious, and hands down alot better than what it was!
2k clear coat would be better than the supplied can as that was pretty poor.

got it from here irc, coverage was weak and took alot of coats to give it a proper finish, but thats spray cans for you :slight_smile:
Mitsubishi 3000Gt Galaxy White Pearl Code: W75 Aerosol Spray Paint Chi — Xtremeautoaccessories

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